1991-2000ComedyDramaStephen FrearsUnited Kingdom

Stephen Frears – The Van (1996)

Bittersweet comedy about two unemployed Dubliners who open a mobile fish and chip shop. The film is set in a working class suburb of the Irish capital against the backdrop of the 1990 World Cup, when Jackie’s army made it into the quarter finals.

The story is as much about the friendship between the two central characters, Larry (Colm Meaney in fine form) and Bimbo, as it is about football, fish and chips and other cornerstones of working class culture. It is the third book from Roddy Doyle’s gritty and hilarious “Barrytown Trilogy” to be made into a film. The others are Alan Parker’s The Commitments and The Snapper.

932MB | 1h 32m | 720 x 420 | avi




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