Susumu Hani – Kanojo to kare AKA She and He (1963)

One of Hani’s recurring themes was the status of women in modern society. His first attempt at the subject was this Antonioniesque melodrama set in a sterile high rise complex. A woman resident becomes discontent with the empty life she and her husband are leading. They encounter a street beggar who lives in poverty with his dog and a blind orphan. The woman becomes fascinated by the beggar’s world and pursues a friendship which leads to terrible discord and a tragedy.

“A minutely observed, intimate and unsentimental drama of social consciousness that uncovers the spiritual wasteland of suburbia, and explores the barriers erected by differences of class, money and, above all, aspiration.” —Holt’s Foreign Film Guide.

“A Japanese novelist once wrote that we should be very thankful that our eyes are not in our hands, because if they were we would always have to see our own faces. I think this is fascinating concept. Sometimes we can achieve this in the cinema. Of course when you are acting, your ‘eye’ should see your face, but when you view rushes, your eyes are constantly in your hands. I find it extremely interesting to observe the relationship between cinema and the perception of one’s own image.”
– Susumu Hani

1.35GB | 1h 46mn | 710×478 | mkv


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