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Takashi Miike – The Man in White Part 2: Requiem for the Lion (2003)

A rowdy, young yakuza takes revenge against a gang of thousands for the death of his boss.

Wow! The second and final part Miike’s Yurusarezaru mono (or: The Man in White) is pretty damned impressive! Following directly from the previous part’s cliffhanger ending, Miike steps up the action tenfold, adding new deranged characters to obstruct Azusa’s path of vengeance for the death of his boss.

Like the first part, Miike shoots this in a wild hand-held style that, surprisingly (because, as I noted in my review for part 1, I generally hate “shaky cam”), works in the film’s favour. The wild abandon of the cinematography helps generate a sense that we are getting a rare glimpse into a foreign world of yakuzas, gun fights, corruption, and psychopaths – sometimes from a shaky distance, other times in the midst of the action. Shots are creatively framed, but also give a sense that the camera has simply been tossed into the middle of the scene (a great example is a scene where the camera is moved about by the actors on a Lazy Susan as they chow down a meal).

It’s not only Miike and crew’s stylistic prowess that shines through, the story, while simplistic, was quick to suck me in. This second part reveals a depth to the characters, making bloodied deaths seem all the more poignant. Azusa and company also are far more brutal in their delivery of justice in this second part.

Both parts of Yurusarezaru mono is essential viewing for Miike fanatics. I’m so pleased that having watched sixty-plus films by the guy, Miike still manages to surprise me.
— Dave Jackson (Letterboxd).

1.70GB | 1h 48mn | 704×380 | mkv


Subtitles:English (Muxed)

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