1961-1970DramaGreeceRomanceVasilis Georgiadis

Vasilis Georgiadis – Koritsia ston ilio AKA Girls in the Sun (1968)

A shepherd falls in love with an English tourist in Greece (imdb)

Language is no barrier to romance in this quite delightful Greek picture about a young English tourist who has a chaste love affair with a Greek shepherd during an idyllic summer holiday.
Not a lot happens; it really is just a gentle tale of two innocents getting to know each other with the only question being ‘Will their relationship have a happy ending as the film draws to a close?’, but the simple story is so beautifully photographed by Nicos Gardellis and boasts such an outstanding musical soundtrack by Stavros Xarhakos (letterboxd)

2.32GB | 1 h 20 min | 1280×720 | mkv


Language:Greek, English
Subtitles:Greek (Hardcoded, for some of the English dialogue),English


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