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Wojciech Has – Jak byc kochana AKA How to Be Loved (1963)

A drama about unfulfilled love (screenplay by Kazimierz Brandys based on his own short story). The film is for the most part the reminiscence of a radio actress named Felicja, who thinks back to the World War II occupation of Poland by Germany, when she hid a man (Wiktor) sought by the Gestapo in her apartment for a prolonged period. In order to remove suspicion from herself, she began to appear on stage, which rendered her a collaborator in the eyes of her peers from the acting community. Felicja made this sacrifice for Wiktor because she loved him and in spite of her love being unreturned. On the other hand, Wiktor perceives her sacrifice as a burden though Felicja does not notice this. He considers his own position humiliating and ultimately abandons Felicja. At the war’s end, he returns to her, but solely in order to commit suicide. After many years, the actress’s singular voice wins her the admiration of radio listeners and she regains her professional position. The wartime experience has made her a mature, strong woman. “These two people,” wrote K. Eberhardt, “fail in their attempts to rescue each other: she fails to save him from death, he does not succeed in alleviating her solitude. Their efforts prove fruitless. It has been a long time since a Polish film has offered us such a bitter moral.” Awards: 1962 – Golden Gate Awards at the San Francisco International Film Festival for the screenplay by Kazimierz Brandys and for Barbara Krafftowna’s performance as Felicja; 1963 – Edinburgh International Film Festival – honorable mention; Cork International Film Festival – honorable mention; 1964 – Beirut International Film Festival – FIPRESCI Award; Golden Duck – “Film” monthly award for best film of 1963.

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