1961-1970AsianComedyJapanYuzo Kawashima

Yuzo Kawashima – Onna wa nido umareru AKA Women Are Born Twice (1961)

Set in Tokyo in the 1960s, this film shows the gradual transformation of Koen, a young geisha who is not good at music and dance, from carefree creature to a self-aware, mature woman through meeting and parting with a variety of men. Kawashima Yuzo, who excels at directing comedies, shows his strengths here by exposing his heroin’s delicate feelings with pathos. Wakao Ayako is radiant in her coquettish role. The director and the actress later went on to make such films as Wild Geese Temple (62) and Elegant Beast (62) together.

1.08GB | 1:39:04 | 688×288 | avi



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