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Aleksandr Petrov – Korova aka The Cow (1989)

Animated in the paint-on-glass technique, Korova represents another testimony to the creative genius of award winning russian cartoonist Aleksandr Petrov (Old Man and The Sea). Like many of his other works, Korova is inspired from russian literature, in this case a short story by A. Platonov. The setting is the russian countryside, next to a railway track, where a young boy’s remembrance of things past becomes sweet and elegiac. For me personally paint-on-glass animation is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of “moving art”. This technique imparts a unique quality and richness to animation that comes not only through the distinctive graphic look that the characteristic of medium itself imparts to the image, but also from the individual personal approach of the animator and the way he is obliged to make things move. In Aleksandr’s opinion, the shortest way from heart to the image is a filigree pattern created by fingertips…so all his work is painted directly with his hands… “my only instrument always accessible and making me comfortable”.

200MB | 9:57.800 | 704×528 | avi



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