2011-2020Cyril SchäublinDramaSwitzerland

Cyril Schäublin – Dene wos guet geit AKA Those Who Are Fine (2017)

In a suburb of Zurich, Alice is working at a call centre and very successful at selling internet subscriptions and insurance. She also uses her powers of persuasion to criminal ends: she cajoles and robs solitary grandmothers by telling them she is their granddaughter and urgently needs money. In no time she makes herself a small fortune but, without knowing it, her actions influence the lives of countless local people, from bank staff and police officers to unsuspecting passers-by.Those Who Are Fine records from a distance the havoc Alice causes in Zurich. At the same time, mainly using intelligent observations and absurdist dialogues in his debut, Cyril Schäublin also sketches an ironic portrait of today’s Swiss society in which everyone is glued to their smartphone, strangers are asked if they can set up a wifi hotspot and identity fraud has become child’s play, thanks to social media.

2.84GB | 1 h 11 min | 1920×1080 | mkv


Language(s):Swiss German
Subtitles:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


  1. Do I need to download all the files in order to extract them? I downloaded part one and neither the unarchiver nor winzip was able to extract them. I don’t get an error message either, but nothing happens, simply.

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