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David Cronenberg – From the Drain (1967)

In the not-too-distant future, two fully clothed men sit in a bathtub at a home for war veterans. After a few minutes of not saying anything to each other, one of them breaks the silence by saying “do you come here often?” The first man introduces himself as a secret agent, while the second man introduces himself as an expert on chemical and biological warfare. They discuss changes to humand and plant biology caused by chemical warfare in some un-named recent war. The agent takes notes as suddenly a mutated vine of a plant emerges from the drain and strangles the The film is centered on two men in a bathtub; it is implied that they are veterans of some past conflict but revealed that they are currently in a mental institution. The first man is paranoid about the drain of the tub, the second indifferent to it. After the conversation between the two men progresses, a vine-like tendril emerges…

From the Drain is a 1967 short film directed by David Cronenberg while he was in film school.

287MB | 12mn 48s | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (Muxed)

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