1941-1950AnimationClassicsDavid HandUSA

David Hand – Bambi (1942)

Wikipedia wrote:
In a forest thicket, a doe gives birth to a fawn whom she names Bambi. After he learns to walk, Bambi befriends Thumper, a young rabbit; then, while learning to talk, Bambi meets a young skunk whom he calls “Flower” (the skunk says that he does not mind this name at all, and the infant Bambi says, “Flower, pretty Flower”).

After Bambi has completely learned how to talk, his mother takes him to the meadow, a place that is both wonderful and frightening’ Bambi’s mother warns him that deer are unprotected in the meadow as there are no trees or bushes to hide them, so they must take great care for their own safety. In the meadow, Bambi meets the female fawn Faline, her mother, Aunt Ena, and his own father, the Great Prince of the Forest. Crows suddenly begin to caw, startling all the animals to flee the meadow; Bambi struggles against the rushing animals, trying to find his mother, but his father arrives just in time to press Bambi and his mother out of the meadow before a hunter can shoot them. When Bambi asks why they all ran, his mother explains that “Man was in the forest”.

1.23GB | 1 h 9 min | 776×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Lithuanian, Estonian


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