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Elmer Clifton & Ida Lupino – Not Wanted (1949)

Originally begun as NOT WANTED by low-budget director Elmer Clifton, who almost immediately suffered a heart attack and died soon after, the film was completed by actress Ida Lupino, her first directorial effort (she also co-wrote and co-produced this one). Lupino was a film noir favorite, and would continue acting well into the 1970s, but her short directing career was a first in Hollywood. She was one of the first actors to make the move behind the camera, and was the very first actress to direct her own feature-length film. She wouldn’t discuss this film too openly over the years, considering its taboo subject matter, but her subsequent offerings, OUTRAGE and THE HITCH-HIKER, were milestones in 1950s cinema. Her work as a director was usually restricted to episodes of early TV series, but in her debut film, Lupino does a great job and it’s easy to see she had what it takes to take control of directing a film. The history of WRONG RUT is almost as interesting as the film itself; its original release as NOT WANTED was critically but not financially successful, but enterprising roadshow producer Jack Lake grabbed a number of prints, injected new square-up crawls and color Caesarian childbirth footage, chopped off the opening and end credits, and under the titles SHAME, STREETS OF SIN, and THE WRONG RUT, transformed the independent wonder into a popular exploitation attraction.

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