1961-1970DocumentaryExperimentalFranceFrançois BelGérard VienneMichel Fano

François Bel, Gérard Vienne, Michel Fano – Le territoire des autres AKA The Territory of Others [+extras] (1970)

Orson Welles:
The Territory of others is a treasure that must be cherished by future generations of film lovers as well as by those of today’s generation. All who see this movie will be touched and will find the presence of magic.

Daniel Deshays:
If we had to defend the idea that creativity takes precedence over the cinematographic genre, it would suffice to show / listen to this animal film. It was built as we no longer know how to do it: sound and image together. The editor Jacqueline Lecomte plays with the composer Michel Fano who invents here his own language in a sound and musical hybridity. One of the first environmental films. A poetic universe that Orson Welles described as “treasure to cherish by generations of future moviegoers”.

For seven years, the directors set out to discover the animals of Europe hunted from their territories: pink flamingos from the Guadalquivir, Icelandic seals, fallow deer and moose from Poland, etc., refugees in remote areas with difficult access, such as cliffs or marshes. Man, the hereditary enemy, had to watch, scrutinize, wait and wait again. Seven years of shooting animals in the wild so that the spectator can become a stealthy witness to an unknown life, this is the challenge so well met by the directors

À vingt jours de la vie (1970) (french narration, no subs)
Le coucou (1970) (no dialogue)
Comme une araignée sur son fil (1970) (in french, no subs)
Interview with Jacqueline Lecompte & Michel Fano (2003) (in french, no subs)

1.63GB | 1 h 26 min | 765×574 | mkv


Language(s):French (extras)


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