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Heddy Honigmann – Crazy (2000)

Deeply moving account of dutch war veterans from recent conflicts (the Congo, Bosnia/Herzogovina etc.) who are struggling to come to terms with their post-war lives. The crutch many of them use is music, specifically a single song, which either kept them going while they were on active duty or is a rooting experience for them as they recall the horrors of their war experiences. One well-groomed officer of a UN unit composed of Dutch enlisted men, looks at first glance to be a well-balanced listener of say, classical music, although he uses Seal’s song “Crazy” to recall how he had to stand by with his unarmed unit in former Yugoslavia as paramilitaries machine-gunned the inhabitants of a village in an adjacent building; another, a private, recalls driving his lorry through a sniper-infested route, as his song (can’t remember it now) blared into his eardrums giving him the courage to keep going. Very unobtrusive directing by dutch master Honigmann and the recollections — often tearful, as she keeps the camera on the veterans while the music plays — are as powerful and damning an anti-war indictment as you’re likely to see. -boxhopper999, IMDb

1.41GB | 1h 39mn | 720×448 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish (muxed with the mkv)

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