Helmut Käutner – Wir machen Musik (1942)

Karl Zimmermann plays piano at the Café Rigoletto because he needs the money, but actually his whole passion is classical music, and work on his own opera is in progress. Then he meets the pop singer and song writer Anni Pichler, whom he wants to convert to “serious” music, but even the private lessons at his bachelor pad cannot convince her. Despite everything, the two find each other appealing, and they marry after a short time.
Professionally now everyone goes his/her own way, but at home things don’t go well. Money’s always scarce, and Anni complains he could earn more if he’d write music people like. And when Karl’s opera bombs, he hits rock bottom and they break up. The music publisher Peter Schaefer, an old friend of Anni, can persuade him to orchestrate Anni’s new show. The Revue is a great success, and Anni learns only later that her husband has written all the arrangements – and so all’s well, and in the future they will make music together.

1.37GB | 1h 32mn | 765×574 | mkv


Subtitles:English, German (muxed)

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