1961-1970ArthouseExperimentalJacinto EstevaJoaquim JordàSpain

Jacinto Esteva & Joaquim Jordà – Dante no es únicamente severo (1967)

IMDB wrote:
The impossible relationship between a man and a woman, but also the destruction of aesthetics. The girl wants to seduce her beloved with incoherent stories that he does not care at all. Through this relationship, the film projects the idea according to which it is impossible to tell a story. The project does not pursue the coherence of a well-told story, rather it demands to observe what is shown and to deepen the different facets of the characters. Its purpose is to lay the foundations of a certain pop aesthetic in a Spanish way, in which the images can not refer to the world but to the publicity that the world sells to us.

The Barcelona School Manifiesto

Self-financing and cooperative production system.

Teamwork with a constant exchange of functions.

Preponderantly formal preoccupation, referred to the field of the structure of the image of the narration.

Experimental treatment

Subjectivity, within the limits allowed by censorship.

Characters and situations foreign to those produced in Madrid.

Use, within union boundaries, of non-professional actors.

Production carried out with the back to the distribution, not wished but forced by the circumstances.

With few exceptions, non-academic or professional training of the filmmakers.

891MB | 1 h 15 min | 1280×720 | mkv




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