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Jairo Ferreira – O Vampiro da Cinemateca aka The Vampire of the Cinematheque (1977)

Technical mistakes? This is a Brazil’s specialty, this land without know-how. The documentary which, as Marcio Souza said in his modesty, should be to current Brazilian cinema as Aruanda was to Cinema Novo, will be shown in Brasília – we hope – and should fall like a thorn inside the throat of all idiots who are yet to discover Brazil – by the way, Oswald de Andrade, anthropophagous, language designer, revolutionary and whatever more that could exist in this section of the Third World: Brazil.
– Jairo Ferreira


“Jairo Ferreira lived for cinema, including Brazilian cinema; his filmic and written work can be seen as a vast map that involves the richness of Brazilian culture, movies and life – and the path one must take in order to turn it all into what Ferreira valued above all else: invention.”

Jairro Ferreira is one of the most important film critics in Brazil. However, this definition would not be enough to describe Jairo. Author of “Cinema de Invenção”, book on the CINEMA MARGINAL period, Jairo was himself a Man of Cinema, a cinepoet. He did not limit to wirte about cinema, he was close friends to directors Rogerio Sganzerla, José Mojica Marins (“Coffin Joe”), among others. He made several of short films on Super-8 and two one-hour leght filmes, being one of them O VAMPIRO DA CINEMATECA aka THE VAMPIRE OF THE CINEMATHEQUE. A collage of words, images, scenes from other films and, obvious, Jairo’s 8 milimeteres shots. It’s hard to describr in words this supernatural cinematographic adventure, a visual poem, an act of faith, an act of cinema.

699MB | 01:04:10 | 560×416 | avi



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