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Janusz Majewski – System (1972)

It features a young man and a lady friend driving to an insane asylum whose overseers the woman knows. Weirdness is evident before they even reach the place, in the form of a ranting maniac in a tree. More crazies are found freely wandering the grounds of the asylum, they being participants in an apparently revolutionary new system instituted by the asylum’s director. But the director seems just as nutty in his own way as the patients, and it turns out there’s a good reason for this: he is one of the patients, having taken over the asylum and locked up its overseers.With this film, running an economical 27 minutes, Majewski follows the particulars of Poe’s tale while making his own subtle and appropriate additions, most of them perversely sexual in nature (the protagonist is nearly ravished at one point by a voluptuous nymphomaniac). The overall atmosphere of unfettered insanity recalls that of MANSION OF MADNESS, Juan Lopez Moctezuma’s more expansive 1971 adaptation of the same story, but Majewski’s is a more focused and controlled work, doing justice to both Poe’s vision and his own.


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