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Janusz Majewski – Wenus z Ille AKA Venus of Ille (1969)

Wenus z Ille / Venus of Ille (1967). Part of unofficial TV anthology: Opowiesci Niesamowite (It is the second season of The Amazing Stories – Opowiesci Niezwykle. Written and directed by Janusz Majewski. Based on Prosper Merimee’s short story (Merimee is also the author of Blekitny Pokoj AKA The Ble Room – Majewski TV adaption, 1965; and Lokis which was later adapted by Majewski into a feature film, 1970).TVRip (TVP Kultura broadcast).

“Janusz Majewski is one of Poland’s most durable and prolific filmmakers. In a career that spans half a century Majewski has directed a variety of films, with comedies and period pieces predominating. He also made LOKIS, one of Poland’s most famous horror features, and a wealth of horror-themed shorts that comprise a significant body of work in their own right. In fact, I’d argue that Majewski can be counted as the foremost director of Polish horror movies (his only real competition in this regard are his fellow countrymen Roman Polanski, Jerzy Skolimowski and Andrzej Zulawski, all of whom have made the majority of their films outside Poland).

In 1969’s WENUS Z ILLE (VENUS D’ILLE) Majewski returned to the work of Prosper Merimee, specifically his 1835 story “Venus d’Ille,” about an accursed statue (a story that was subsequently filmed by Mario and Lamberto Bava in 1979).
Said statue, fashioned in the guise of an anguished woman, is seen in a remote inn, having been recently interred from the ground. The occasion is a wedding attended by the protagonist, an unassuming man who becomes caught up in a bizarre nightmare when the groom unthinkingly sticks his wedding ring on a finger of the statue–and can’t get it off!
This naturally results in much horror and unpleasantness, all of it, frustratingly enough, talked about rather than shown.

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