1951-1960DocumentaryDramaFranceJean Rouch

Jean Rouch – Moi, un noir AKA I, a Negro (1958)

A group of young Nigerians leave the savannah to work in the Ivory Coast. They end up in Treichville, a poor quarter of Abidjan, lost and rootless in modern civilisation. The hero, who narrates his own story, calls himself Edward J. Robinson in homage to the American actor. Like him, his friends have adopted pseudonyms intended to create, symbolically, an ideal personality.

2.32GB | 1 h 13 min | 960×720 | mkv



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  1. This is an excellent film (and according to Godard, influential on him and others at the beginning of the New Wave).

    But unfortunately the subtitles muxed in this copy are insufferable. (There are no spaces between the words. While it’s ok at the beginning, very shortly you begin to despair of finishing the film)

    Fortunately, there is an Engloish subtitle synced to this copy, which can be found here:

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