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Joe Davian – House of De Sade AKA Sex Seance (1977) (DVD)

Storyline: A group of friends decide to spend the night at a creepy old rundown house. They hold a seance that unleashes the evil spirit of De Sade. All kinds of debauched carnal activities immediately follow thereafter.

Description: This film is part of The Avon Dynasty – Joe Davian Collection DVD box set from Alpha Blue Archives: One of the older films in the set if the 1975 date is to be trusted features an early appearance from Vanessa Del Rio starring alongside David Williams. The story follows a group of swingers who unwittingly unleash the spirit of the true Marquis De Sade (played by some nutjob in a black bondage mask) during a seance. This, of course, leads to all manner of degrading and violent sex. Despite the hardcore
sex throughout the film, Davian was making a horror film (or at least a
cheap porno film with horror movie elements) this time out and you know
it from the time the eerie music hits the screen during the opening credits
and it’s solidified when the action moves from various inner city
apartments to a creepy, creaky old house.
Vanessa gets lead around with a collar on, acting like a dog as she’s
slapped in the face by her partners cock and then later on she has a
cucumber inserted into her pussy which is then peeled using a vegetable
peeler while still inserted inside of her! Once it’s peeled, it’s sliced
and fed to her. In a later scene she has her supple ass beaten with
nunchucks as she screams ‘oooo pain’ while De Sade holds her down. She
also finds herself getting nipple clamped again.

Format: VOB
Video: 4500 kbps; 720*480 (4:3); 29,970 fps; MPEG Video (NTSC) (Version 2) (Main@Main) (BVOP)
Audio: 192 kbps; 48,0 kHz; 16 bit; 2 ch; AC-3 (DVD-Video)




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