2001-2010DramaKatalin GödrösSwitzerland

Katalin Gödrös – Songs of Love and Hate (2010)

Songs of Love and Hate is a sinister drama about the power that children have over their parents – and the power of parents over their children. A universal story about temptation, lying, persuasion and truth.

Rico lives with his daughters and his wife Anne in an idyllic wine-growing area at the foot of the Swiss Alps. The charming Lili creates turmoil in their hitherto harmonious family life because of her newly awakening sexuality. Her father looks at her now with new eyes and begins to distance himself. Lili feels rejected by her father and reacts with aggression and trivial power games. She brings disaster not only on her boyfriend, Fabio, but also on her entire family…

737MB | 1h 25mn | 704×288 | mkv


Subtitles:French (default), English

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