1991-2000AsianDramaJapanKôhei Oguri

Kôhei Oguri – Nemuru otoko AKA Sleeping Man (1996)

The village of Hitosuji lies on a river which comes out of the mountains. In a farmer’s house, Takuji lies unconscious. Back from South America, he had an accident in the mountains. Several Southeast Asian women work in a bar. One of them, Tia, once had a son who drowned in a flood caused by deforestation in her own country.Kamimura is Takuji’s schoolmate. Coming to visit his friend, he starts to remember how they would play as boys, and visit a hut deep in the forest. As the seasons pass, the villagers come to know Tia, and she learns of Takuji. The summer brings a change in Takuji’s condition. His family and several villagers gather. His mother notices a dust-devil and announces that Takuji’s spirit has left his body. They try to call the spirit back, but to no avail. Takuji is dead.
After the performance of a Noh play, Tia walks alone into the forest. She spends the night in an abandoned hut. Meanwhile Kamimura, looking at the full moon, senses that Takuji has returned to the mountains…
At dawn Kamimura climbs up into the mountains, to the hut. There he finds Tia and they hear the sound of water in the well which was supposed to have dried up.

1.50GB | 1h 43mn | 935×556 | mkv




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