1981-1990ComedyDramaHungaryLászló Vitézy

László Vitézy – Vörös föld AKA Red Earth (1982)

A miner finds bauxite near his village, close to the surface. He thinks he has found his fortune, but thanks to the Hungarian bureaucracy, he actually found nothing but trouble.Quote:
A devastating satire about the miracles of life under Hungarian socialism. The hero, Szanto. is a bauxite mixer who makes a strange discovery: his pigs have rooted good quality bauxite out of the ground in his backyard. But the bauxite prospectors refuse to acknowledge that Szanto and his pigs made the lucky strike, crediting, instead, careful and methodical planning.

With a sharp wit, director Laszlo Vitezy portrays the havoc which ensues as the village is transformed into a vast open mine and as Szanto is blamed for its transformation.

1.94GB | 1h 43mn | 768×576 | mkv




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