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Lew Landers – The Magic Carpet (1951)

Reviewers on IMDB wrote:
Okay, this movie is a cheap Saturday matinée type film from the 1950’s, but heck, that is all it is meant to be. It is one of those silly Arabian nights movies that is fun to watch. I wish it were released on DVD, as I would gladly buy it. As a child, I liked this movie when I saw in on television, and just recently saw it again and still like it. Runs in the family as those 1950 Universal Studio Tony Curtis “Son Of Ali Baba” type films and “Son Of Sinbad” with Vincent Price. These movies may not be great in any sense of the word, but they sure are fun to watch one right after the other when there is nothing else to do!! And besides, like my summary said, where else can you find a film that has Lucy Ricardo, Perry Mason and Abner Kravitz in it??

This low budget adventure stars John Agar, Raymond Burr of TV’s Perry Mason, and a very pregnant Lucille Ball The poor production values used to make this movie give it the look of a Technicolor, Three Stooges episode. It’s really too bad I would have enjoyed a good Arabian Adventure, starring Lucille Ball!

THE MAGIC CARPET is notorious for one thing only: it was the movie that divided Lucille Ball’s acting career neatly in two, for from here on she would be pioneering the Age of Television as Lucy Ricardo in “I Love Lucy”, a show which over half a century after its release has been seen in practically every country in the world and has garnered her more notoriety than any meaty role, and more satisfaction that winning that golden statuette. However, at the time, she was taking a major risk which could become a hit or backfire miserably and Ball wasn’t a particularly optimistic person, having toiled hard to crack the ceiling of her B-movie status. Pushing forty, completely washed up as a film actress as her talents had been ignored from every major studio, pregnant with daughter Lucie, struggling to make her marriage to Desi Arnaz work, she had read the message on the wall. It was best to be done with this mess and move on. Move on she did, and once she completed this poor excuse of an Arabian adventure, her foundling of a show shot to the top of the Nielsen ratings and made television history.

Lucille Ball didn’t have to do THE MAGIC CARPET and chose to make it just to finish off her contract with Columbia and move onto her planned new TV show, and we all know the result of THAT. Columbia did not believe that Ball would accept the role in this film, but she outfoxed them all and played the villainess in this Arabian Nights-type fun film. I saw it initially when it was first released, and I LOVE LUCY was already a smash hit on the tube. It was the second half of a double bill, and the audience enjoyed every minute. It was an unintentional(??) riot to see Ball so out of the character that we had come to expect already from LUCY. The SRO audience hooted, laughed, giggled, and had a great time. I don’t even recall what the main feature was…. But THE MAGIC CARPET is still remembered, and I would love to find a copy.

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