1931-1940ComedyMark SandrichMusicalUSA

Mark Sandrich – Carefree (1938)

Stephen Arden (Ralph Bellamy) benefits so much from his psychiatrist pal Tony Flagg’s drinking cure that he sends his fiancée Amanda Cooper to see Tony in hopes that she can be ‘cured’ of her reluctance to get married. Tony falls fast in love with Amanda but has a tough pursuit when she overhears him on a voice recording calling all females idiots. Tony’s hypnosis treatments gets out of hand when Amanda repeatedly leaves the sessions in an unconscious Ego-at-the-wheel state. The first time out she enjoys a destructive rampage on the city streets. Tony becomes unwelcome at Stephen’s country club when he announces his interest in Amanda, and guiltily tries to hypnotize Amanda into hating him. This sets her loose with a shotgun on the country club’s shooting range. The only way Tony can get his romance back on track is to break his own hypnotic spell, before Stephen rushes Amanda toward the altar.

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