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Massimo Iannetta & Nina Toussaint – La décomposition de l’âme AKA Zersetzung der Seele AKA The Decomposition of the Soul (2002)


There are always people who say: you can’t change people by force. Them, they say: it’s not so clear, we know our business and have a lot of time.

The former central preventive prison for political prisoners of the former GDR Ministry of State Security (Stasi) in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen was not an ordinary place of detention. This building, which did not appear on the maps of East Berlin and which still bears traces of Germany’s recent history (Nazism, Soviet occupation, communist dictatorship), has the grim particularity of having as many interrogation rooms as detention cells. Its topology and organization betray its true function: an enormous power plant to be interrogated, a laboratory to be psychologically destroyed. Symbol of the general repression system of the former GDR, a place dedicated and devoted to the techniques of “operative decomposition”…

“With decomposition, enemy negative people are influenced by political-operative activities, especially their enemy negative positions and beliefs, to shake them up and transform them little by little. The purpose of decomposition is the fragmentation, paralysis, disorganization and isolation of enemy negative forces, thus making political-ideological recovery possible.” (Decomposition – Political-operative dictionary of the Stasi)

Arrest is an element of this “process”. It may remain at the intimidation stage, or lead to an investigation, with more serious consequences: indefinite pre-trial detention, repeated interrogation, total isolation, semblance of a trial, severe punishment, almost impossible social and professional reintegration, damage inflicted on relatives, loss of nationality and expulsion from the country, incitement to suicide, or even murder under cover…

Two witnesses review their history and guide us through its walls and methods, to meet the texts of Jürgen Fuchs, psychologist and writer, who probably died as a result of his detention, but whose voice forced to silence has remained upright with the words…

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Language(s):French and German

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