Nobuhiko Obayashi – Cute Devil AKA Kawaii Akuma (1982)

Cute Devil (Kawaii Akuma) is a two-hour TV movie directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi that aired on Nippon TV on 10 August 1982.

It was based on The Bad Seed and starts with a brutal murder that was fairly shocking for network TV at the time and could be easily compared with the first murder in Suspiria. The movie moves on to be the story of a woman who has been released from a mental institution and is to reside with the murderous little girl and her mother in a secluded house. More cruel deaths occur and the mentally ill woman must convince those around her that the child is a psychopath. A pedophile also turns up to keep the proceedings lively.

3.67GB | 1 h 34 min | 1920×1080 | mkv

Language(s): Japanese

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