1951-1960ClassicsComedyCyril FrankelHal E. ChesterRobert HamerUnited Kingdom

Robert Hamer & Hal E. Chester & Cyril Frankel – School for Scoundrels (1960)

Henry Palfrey, new pupil at the College of Lifemanship at Yeovil, recounts his depressing history to the principal, Mr. Potter. The proprietor of a small family business, he is bullied in his office by his chief clerk; he is humiliated by head waiters; he has been tricked by two second-hand car salesmen into buying a decrepit and costly wreck of a car; he has lost his girl, April Smith, to the insufferable Raymond Delauney; and he has allowed Delauney to beat him at tennis. A short course in Lifemanship reverses the situation. Under Potter’s paternal supervision, Palfrey returns to wreck the nerves of the chief clerk; to make the car dealers victims of an even more sensational swindle (he exchanges the wreck for a new sports car and £100); to practice gamesmanship on a harassed Delauney and to win back April Smith. His reversion to sincerity in proposing to April comes as something of a shock to Potter, who rapidly recovers to see here the inauguration of a new ploy. The professor of Lifemanship also acquires a new pupil, Delauney.

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Subtitles:English (muxed)


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