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Stuart Rosenberg – WUSA (1970)

The Egyptian Theatre writes:
COOL HAND LUKE director Stuart Rosenberg reunites with Paul Newman on this overlooked and underrated adaptation of Robert Stone’s Hall of Mirrors (Stone also wrote Dog Soldiers, which was filmed as WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN). Newman is an itinerant, hard-drinking disc jockey who shows up in New Orleans looking for a job. Con man buddy Laurence Harvey, masquerading as a fundamentalist preacher, points Newman to WUSA, a right-wing radio station run by megalomaniac Pat Hingle. Taking a gig reading news, Newman gradually becomes disgusted by the blatant lies spewed by the station. Meanwhile, naïve social worker Anthony Perkins is unaware he’s being used by Hingle to help perpetrate a welfare-fraud smear on ghetto residents. Joanne Woodward is a down-on-her-luck wanderer, trying to find work and occasionally resorting to the generosity of strange men to get along. Newman and Woodward drift into a romance that may be doomed by the events unfolding around them, and Hingle’s manipulative schemes gradually escalate, culminating in a violent, anarchic climax. Great New Orleans location work and Mardi Gras footage, with a storyline more relevant than ever,

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