1991-2000AsianDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo Jang

Sun-Woo Jang – Gyeongmajang ganeun kil AKA The Road to the Racetrack (1991)

R (MUN Seong-geun) returns from studying in France and reunites with J (GANG Su-yeon), whom he used to live with in Paris. For some reason, however, J refuses to have sex with R. Angered by her refusal, R travels to his hometown of Daegu. He sees his wife (Kim Bo-yeon) and children for the first time in years, but not only is he less than thrilled to be with them but he actually finds himself despising them. R’s head is filled with thoughts of having sex with J. He sees J every time he comes to Seoul on business, but she keeps resisting his demand for sex on the unconvincing pretext that they are not in France, and he begins to grow tired. R feels betrayed when he finds out that J is rejecting him because she plans to marry another man, even though she received her Ph.D. in France for a dissertation that he wrote for her and even debuted as a literary critic in Korea with a piece that he composed. Reproaching J yet unable to leave her, R informs his wife of his intention to get a divorce and proposes to J that they leave Korea together. However, R is once again betrayed by J.

— Korean Film Archive

2.18GB | 2h 20mn | 853×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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