1991-2000Agnieszka HollandDramaUSA

Agnieszka Holland – The Third Miracle (1999)

In Agnieszka Holland’s English-language film from 1999, Frank Shore (Ed Harris) is a Catholic priest who works as a postulator, a church official who investigates reports of holy miracles to determine their veracity. Some time back, one of Shore’s investigations had ugly repercussions, and now he devotes his time to running a soup kitchen. He’s called back into service when a number of Catholics ask for the canonisation of the late Helen O’Regan, who is claimed to have performed miracles and whose statue is supposed to weep tears of blood.

Shore begins digging into O’Regan’s life and the miracles ascribed to her. He meets O’Regan’s daughter Roxane (Anne Heche), who was abandoned by her mother, wants nothing to do with her story, and has given up belief in God. But Shore witnesses the bleeding from the statue himself and tells the church he believes the claims are legitimate. His report leads to angry reprisals from Vatican emissary Archbishop Werner and is doubted even more when he becomes romantically involved with Roxanne…

1.80GB | 1 h 53 min | 1013×548 | mkv


Subtitles:Danish (srt), Norwegian (srt), Swedish (srt), Finnish (srt), English (srt).

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  1. Realistic but before child sex scandal in church cardinal Pell in prison buts a sinister view if a remake is done it would be a horror movie

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