1951-1960Andrzej MunkDramaMysteryPoland

Andrzej Munk – Czlowiek na torze AKA Man on the Tracks (1957)

In 1950, at night, a passenger train kills a man on the tracks. He is Orzechowski, an engineer since 1914. An inquiry immediately follows. Testimony takes the form of flashbacks. Tuszka, the station master, believes Orzechowski was a saboteur; at least one on the inquiry panel agrees. Zapora, the young engineer on the train that hit Orzechowski, gives more complicated testimony about the dead man – stiff-necked, proud, imperious, critical of Zapora and other younger workers. The signalman at the crossing where Orzechowski died also testifies. Can the panel arrive at the truth in a world where workers unite, inferior coal is a badge of honor, and the old order is suspect?

A film by outstanding director of feature and documentary films, who passed away before his time. He is the patron of an award for young film-makers established by Łódź Film School in 1960.

The film is an adaptation of Jerzy Stefan Stawiński’s short story “The Secret of Train Driver Orzechowski”.

The story of an experienced train driver who was fired because of made up allegations of sabotaging new work methods. We get to know him through his colleagues’ stories told after his tragic death. Coworkers present him in various ways but in the end it is clear that he sacrificed himself to save the train and passengers from an accident.

A psychological drama. The authors reassess the schematic approach towards rationalizing and competing in work typical for the early 50s.

1.69GB | 1 h 26 min | 784×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Japanese


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