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Asko Kase – Detsembrikuumus AKA Decemberheat (2008)

The young country of Estonia is dancing to the jazzy tune of the 1920’s when on December 1, 1924, the capital Tallinn is overrun by members of the Comintern in an attempt to stage a Communist coup. The film follows the fates of a young soldier called Tanel and his wife, a telephone operator named Anna, amidst the ensuing chaos which determines whether the country remains independent or becomes a minor province in the Communist Empire.

December 1924. It’s only a matter of minutes whether Estonian young independence continues to exist or we become a province with minor importance of big communist Russia. Independence which seems so self-evident today depends at that moment on couple of random coincidences.

Based on the attempted communist coup inTallinn on December 1, 1924. Newlyweds Tanel and Anna Rouk are emigrating from Estonia, but on the morning of their departure the rebellion hits. Tanel, having just resigned from the military corps, must swing back into action to save his wife and his own life. The build-up to the bloody night reveals itself through theaction or inaction of generals and government leaders, culminating with the secret communique that only Tanel can interrupt and save the nation.

923MB | 1 h 29 min | 1036×432 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Estonian, Russian

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