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Frederick Wiseman – Juvenile Court (1973)

Bob Stewart, Allmovie, wrote:
This 1973 Frederick Wiseman documentary, filmed at the Juvenile Court in Memphis, Tennessee, won the Columbia University School of Journalism’s 1974 Dupont Award for “Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.” In 144 minutes, Wiseman shows a wide variety of cases before the Memphis Juvenile Court, from child abuse and sexual offenses to armed robbery and foster home placement, and it examines such issues as the range and limits of choices available to the court, psychology of offenders, constitutional points, procedural questions, and community protection vs. the desire for rehabilitation.

3.36GB | 2h 23mn | 716×537 | mkv




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    1. Hi.
      everthing seems fine. When you get an error Please update your software. always use the latest version.

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