1991-2000ComedyGeorgiy DaneliyaRussia

Georgiy Daneliya – Oryol i Reshka AKA Heads and Tails (1995)

To earn money for married life, a young engaged man takes a job as an engineer on a privately operated oil drilling rig in the far North of Russia. A friend’s letter brings the sad news that his fiancée has already married someone else and in desperation he quits his job and flies back to Moscow. There all his vast efforts to win her back seem in vain…

An engineer Oleg comes back in Moscow from Far Northland and finds out his bride Lena with the other man. But Oleg doesn’t give up. When Lena falls serious ill, Oleg gives all his money (and his friend’s flat) to her care. Genre of lyric melodrama which is a Danelian specialty, perhaps, never was so simple and unbearable (even excruciating) as here. Chaotic Russian 90s in all their glory. And two future stars of Piotr Fomenko’s troupe, Kirill Pirogov (introducing) and Polina Kutepova, as main characters.

1.55GB | 1 h 22 min | 762×572 | mkv



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