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Géza von Bolváry – Ein Tango für Dich (1930)

This is Willi Forst’s second collaboration with director Géza von Bolvary, made shortly after the far better known “Zwei Herzen im Dreivierteltakt” (in which he didn’t have first billing, though). Again, the script is by Walter Reisch and the music is by Robert Stolz.

In “Ein Tango für Dich”, Forst plays Jimmy Bolt, who is working as a singer and dancer (and occcasionally as a waiter) at a varieté. The man may be talented, but he’s not exactly a big success, and things get complicated when a young orphan girl (Fee Malten) falls in love with the voice of another singer (Oskar Karlweis) but then mistakes Bolt for him…

“Ein Tango für Dich” is an important film in establishing the early Forst screen persona of the stylish singer and dancer, which would come into full focus with the next film, the masterpiece “Das Lied ist aus”. However, Forst here is still a bit more the ‘arrogant’ dandy like in Dupont’s “Atlantik” and not yet quite the undisputedly sensitive, slightly melancholic heartbreaker of many of his later films. But he of course already has that typical Forst charm, and he also gets to sing some very good songs here: “Das Märchen vom Glück” and the beautiful, beautiful “Du bist mein Maskottchen gewesen”, one of my all-time favourite Willi tunes.

As the reviewer of the Film-Kurier wrote in 1930: “We hardly have a second actor who can make even nonsense believable in such a natural manner.” The writer goes on wishing for a more ‘severe’ director (why?), concluding that Forst this way would become the “German-Austrian Maurice Chevalier”. Well, as things worked out, Forst became exactly that (and more) by continuing to work with Bolvary, Reisch, and Stolz.

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