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Guy Lefranc – Knock (1951)

Saint-Maurice, an ordinary peaceful village, lived healthily so much so that the local doctor’s practice was scant. But that was before Dr. Parpalaid retired and was replaced by a charlatan by the name of Knock. A real genius this one, for he soon managed to persuade everyone that they were ill. And not only didn’t they resent him but they even loved their physician, who made a fortune and brought prosperity to the village by turning it into a big hospital.

In the autumn of 1923, Dr Parpalaïd decides to his swap his practice in the French rural village of St-Maurice for one in Lyons. His successor, Dr Knock, is surprised to discover that Parpalaïd had virtually no patients and that everyone in St-Maurice appears to be in perfect health. The reason for this apparent biological utopia is that Parpalaïd was reluctant to dispense medical care, mainly because no one was willing to pay for it. It is a situation which Dr Knock, a fervent believer in medical science, intends to change. He starts by offering a free consultation every Monday morning and convinces seemingly healthy people that they are ill…

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