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Kwok-Ming Cheung – Bin yuen yan AKA Man on the Brink (1981)

Writing, directing and photographing Man On The Brink, Cheung can’t possibly have been the first kid on the block to attempt this story that later cropped up to great effect in City On Fire. But watching Chiu’s descent shaped by the seedy world around him is quite engaging, much more so during the latter stages of the film when Cheung easily plants that sinking feeling in viewer’s stomachs. Meaning that the proceedings are heading towards a sad end statement as Cheung takes us on a continuation of the social commentary from his debut. His view on the Hong Kong citizens first may be seen as unified but as it turns out, it’s a unified, lawless group. Finely tuned is also his portrayal of triads that clearly have a tough shell that’s easily cracked in the face of blood and violence. Cheung shoots mostly gritty, documentary style but has an eye for whenever to use slow motion to exhilarating effect. Some misplaced comedy and a really sappy montage disrupts his social commentary for a bit however. Nevertheless, Man On The Brink rises well-above any familiar goals this particular story possesses, complemented by an immersing performance by Eddie Chan who would go on to make an impact in He Lives By Night and Law With Two Phases.

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