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James N. Kienitz Wilkins – Indefinite Pitch (2016)

Framed as a pathetic movie pitch set in Berlin, Indefinite Pitch points toward unconscious and elusive influences in life and in cinema mimicked by the rising and falling sonic frequency that, like an alarm, has an extremely indefinite pitch.

I’ve come to the conclusion that movies always communicate the circumstances in which they were made, and most of the time, these circumstances are unconscious influences. If one identifies with movies, or has dedicated one’s life to, or expects to make a living from, movies, then circumstantially, one’s personal ambitions, dreams and memories get riskily exposed. Indefinite Pitch tries to pinpoint this.

But not everything can be pinned down. In music, not all instruments make notes with a clear pitch. The rising and falling background sound in Indefinite Pitch is variably music, white noise or a call for alarm, derived from a MIDI synthesizer “siren” sample which had its frequency modified, or pitch shifted. A siren in a classic example of a regular everyday device with an extremely indefinite pitch. The same shifts were applied to the voice-over. With these relatively simple combinations, themes were uncovered and literalized, and the movie was made.

773MB | 23 min | 1920×1080 | mkv



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