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Juan Pablo Rebella & Pablo Stoll – 25 Watts [+extras] (2001)

This film has been called the “Uruguayan ‘Slacker’”, a reference to Linklater’s movie. It has also been called a landmark film in a (low-key, small-scale) renaissance in Uruguayan cinema – a national cinema with a terrible memory problem (“El Dirigible”, from 1994, was routinely cited as “the first Uruguayan film”, which is very false, but understandable when one sees how little movies that country has managed to preserve).

Whatever its place in film history, it’s worth a watch, and rings very much true.

Saturday, early in the morning. Leche, Javi and Seba wander around the neighborhood with nothing much to do. They drink beer, smoke, talk about girls. 25 watts shows us a day in the life of these three young inhabitants of Montevideo. They spend the day trying to escape from boredom, facing the twists and turns of love, interacting with friends and other picturesque characters from the “barrio” that share moments with them. So we get to see a paranoid delivery man, a weird video club owner among other strange and funny characters. The acting is very good, all the cast. This film was shot in b&w 16mm and then blown up to 35mm. It has a grainy look, which adds certain raw atmosphere to it. It is Stoll and Rebella’s first feature film.

Extras included (Spanish, no subs):

Commentary with the director


966MB | 1 h 30 min | 702×421 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish, French

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