2011-2020AustriaDocumentaryPaul-Julien Robert

Paul-Julien Robert – Meine keine Familie AKA My Fathers, my Mother and Me (2012)

What remains from childhood

Paul-Julien Robert‘s deeply moving and illuminating film „MY FATHERS, MY MOTHER & ME“

When it comes to processing contemporary history, especially events which have become a burden, it is possible to differentiate three dynamics. First of all, generally during a relatively short period after the past situation, comes a sensation of being overwhelmed, with emotionalised expressions of affirmation or rejection. This gives way to a cooler period of coming to terms with the past, relying heavily on facts rather than emotions in most cases. And thirdly, quite frequently at a much later date, a dialogue may take place, an exchange of information, a debate attempting to relate factual history and individual experience. The specific is brought to the forefront at the expense of the universally valid (whatever that might be). Events which happened to individuals may be comparable in historical terms, but the effect is de facto a mixture of extremely special and highly specific occurrences and circumstances. How long it can take until the narrative wins out, in complexity and ambivalence, over the historical events – this can be seen as much in the dramas of the 20th century as in stories of abuse in private life. The more unwavering the gaze, the richer the text.

by Claus Philipp from meinekeinefamilie.at

1.46GB | 1h 35mn | 1024×576 | mkv


Language(s):German, French


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