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Barbara Sass – Historia Niemoralna AKA Immoral Story (1990)

Told as a film within the film, the story concerns an aging actress. Ewa is a flamboyant, pushy actress whose career and love life have come to a dead end. She lives in a faceless housing development. She is totally engrossed in herself and dreams of making a comeback as a singer. But her overbearing personality time after time sets her into conflict with those she tries to work with in the theater and her bedroom

Shortly after the premiere, “Immoral Story” triggered a wave of discussion and polemics. Some critics criticized the director for being too self-totally intrusive in their opinion. “Such a film can be made privately on video and shown in a circle of friends. – it was written. Indeed, the film is far more uncompromising than Andrzej Wajda’s “Wszystko na sprzedaĹĽ” (“Everything for Sale”), which is also auto-thematic. Barbara Sass does not shy away from drastic or intimate matters, not to say embarrassing, she speaks loudly and bluntly. The protagonist, played with bravado by Dorota Stalinska, is an egotistical woman, striving for domination over her surroundings, ambitious and aggressive, though not devoid of sensitivity. However, the director does not stop at analysing the personality of her protagonist. She also touches upon the problem of manipulation of one artist by another. How far can you go here? What are the moral boundaries of such behaviour? Can art exist without playing with each other’s feelings and privacy? The provocative title of the film additionally emphasizes the importance of these questions. “Immoral Story” is an extremely honest, even intimate film. It is a story of a turbulent relationship between two women, a director and an actress. And the idea was taken by Barbara Sass from her own and Dorota Stalinska’s experiences. The “Immoral Story” contains some facts from the biographies of both of them.

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