Barbara Sass – Rajska jablon AKA Apple Tree of Paradise (1986)

The novels “Dziewczęta z Nowolipek” and “Rajska jabłoń” by Pola Gojawiczyńska were published in the middle of the 1930s. The author, using her own experience and memories, described the childhood and youth of several friends, residents of the Warsaw district of Nowolipki. The novel “Dziewczęta z Nowolipek” was first screened in 1937 by Józef Lejtes. This film adaptation was highly acclaimed. There were even voices that the film was artistically superior to Gojawiczyńska’s prose. The novel was adapted for the film for the second time at the beginning of the 1970s. This television adaptation also included “Rajska jabłoń” (“Paradise Apple”). The director Stanisław Wohl cast Emilia Krakowska, Elżbieta Kępińska, Zofia Kucówna and Ewa Wisniewska in the leading roles. Barbara Sass’ film is the third adaptation of Gojawiczyńska’s novel.

1.60GB | 1 h 46 min | 690×485 | mkv


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