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Cristi Puiu – Aurora (2010)

“There is no such thing as a murderer, only people who kill.” With these words director Cristi Puiu qualifies his careful study of contemporary Romanian society and of fatal acts such as murder. The film focuses on 42-year-old Viorel who is going through a gloomy period of life that leads him to the point of killing without it being clear whether or not it’s his divorce and his conflict with loved ones provoking him to open fire. The film attempts to demystify the act of murder, rendering it as something in no way spectacular, just as there is nothing remarkable about a person who commits murder. The director doesn’t psychologize his characters or indicate where they are heading, while his intentionally staid narrative contributes to the overall suspense and lack of certainty. Although Viorel’s behavior doesn’t make him stand out, he gives the impression of having been long divorced from reality. Or is it the whole of society that’s become detached from reality?

4.50GB | 3 h 5 min | 1024×576 | mkv



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