Dennis Hopper – The Last Movie (1971)

After a film production wraps in Peru, an American wrangler decides to stay behind, witnessing how filmmaking affects the locals.

THE LAST MOVIE 1971 was his follow-up to the hugely successful EASY RIDER, but it’s core was much more elusive and abstract, dealing with the nature of film reality and reality it’s self. The editing was loose, the story half told. Hopper shot tons of footage in Peru and brought it back to his home in Taos, New Mexico. He seemed lost in this editing process and the studio was getting upset. For a while Alexandro Jodorowsky, who’s EL TOPO 1971 Hopper greatly admired, assisted in the editing.
During this time the documentary THE AMERICAN DREAMER 1971 was made showing Dennis toting a machine gun, frolicking with numerous groupies, and acting supremely wasted. (The Weird World of 70s Cinema)

2.42GB | 1 h 48 min | 1024×552 | mkv


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