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Nichola Bruce – I Could Read the Sky (1999)

Adapted by Nichola Bruce from the acclaimed photographic novel by Timothy O’Grady and Steve Pyke. I Could Read the Sky is a haunting and lyrical film about identity, love, loss, and the isolation and loneliness of the immigrant. Dermot Healy movingly portrays a man reflecting upon his life, from his rural upbringing on the West Coast of Ireland to his journey to London and experiences in the vividly modern metropolis. Driven by a dynamic music soundtrack that draws from both environments, the film is a labyrinthine, visually extraordinary journey into the textures, fragments, details and layers of one man’s life and memories.

“A multi layered, visual and lyrical poem” Daily Telegraph

“Exceptional… restores faith in the artistic possibilities of cinema” Screen International

“Dermot Healy brilliantly portrays a man drowning in rememberance…. Bruce’s debut is something of a landmark” The Guardian

953MB | 1h 22mn | 672×384 | avi



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