1971-1980CrimeJapanKinji FukasakuThriller

Kinji Fukasaku – Jingi naki tatakai AKA Battles Without Honour and Humanity AKA The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 1: Battles Without Honor and Humanity (1973)

In the teeming black markets of postwar Japan, Shozo Hirono (Bunta Sugawara) and his buddies find themselves in a new war between fractious and ambitious yakuza. After joining boss Yamamori, Shozo is drawn into a feud with his sworn brother¹s family, the Dois. But that¹s where the chivalry of traditional yakuza film ends and the hypocrisy, betrayal, and assassinations begin. A rare and critical perspective on the history of Japan after World War II, BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR AND HUMANITY is a tour-de-force that revolutionized the yakuza genre and launched Kinji Fukasaku and Bunta Sugawara to international stardom.

2.63GB | 1 h 39 min | 1024×436 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)


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