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Nils Malmros – Drenge AKA Boys (1977)

Boys (Drenge) is Nils Malmros’ first movie made in collaboration with a professional film crew. Even so, the movie has a very mature feel to it and the feeling of authenticity from Malmros’ earlier film “Lars Ole, 5C” remains. Boys is, together with “Lars Ole, 5C” and “Tree of Knowledge” part of Malmros’ “Ole”-triology.

Boys is split into three parts that all center around the young Ole. All parts deal with the coming-of-age of Ole and his sexual development. The first part shows episodes from Ole’s childhood, the second from his youth and the third from his early manhood.

Boys received the 1977 Bodil Award for Best Danish Film.

936MB | 1:21:10 | 640×400 | avi


Subtitles:English, srt

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