Noboru Tanaka – Hitozuma shudan boko chishi jiken AKA Rape and Death of a Housewife (1978)

There’s a Nobura Tanaka masterpiece lurking behind this lurid title. Today many critics feel Tanaka was the best director in Nikkatsu’s pink film stable, but in the 70s his work was constantly overshadowed by other studio masters like Chusei Sone and Tatsumi Kumashiro. This film was his first major “break-through.” Despite the “objectionable” necrophilia scenes, the movie was applauded by the mainstream press, praised for Hideo Murota’s remarkable performance , and honored by the Japanese Academy of Films and Motion Pictures and Kinema Jumpo as the best film of 1979.

3 boys drunkenly rape a woman named Emiko, the wife of a man they’ve developed a friendship with. She dies of heart failure during the attack.Her chicken farmer husband, incapable of dealing with her death tends to her corpse as though it were still alive completely unable to accept her demise.

Director Tanaka is no stranger to obsessive and twisted love stories (also see Secret Chronicles:She Beast Market [1974] and his Showa trilogy (e.g Sada Abe: Docu-Drama, Watcher In The Attic & Beauty’s Exotic Dance:Torture!) but this film benefits strongly from a terrific performance by Hideo Murota, in a major comeback role. After playing a villain in numerous features throughout the 60’s, he was imprisoned for cocaine poessession in 1971. Upon release from jail, Murota met a cold shoulder from his former friends and studio executives. Nikkatsu offered him a pink job amid a flurry of negative press. Sagaciously they teamed Murota with Noriko Kurosawa, a mainstream actress bolstering a lofty reputation, and added director Tanaka to the heady mix. Without compromising their position on roman-porno, the studio produced a major pink film which triumphantly crossed into the japanese mass market. This was one of the first pinku eiga to succeed on a grand scale.

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Subtitles:English (muxed)

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