Serge Korber – Sur un arbre perché AKA Perched On A Tree (1971)

Politician get hitch hikers on road and in one car accident they all end up on a tree above the sea.

Henri Roubier is an industrialist who has negotiated a contract to build a national roadway, making himself a rich man in the process. On his way to a meeting with the French Prime Minister, he gets caught up in a traffic jam and two hitch-hikers force their way into his car – a young man and a young woman, who have just met. Roubier drives off at great speed – but his car goes over the edge of a cliff. When the three regain consciousness, they discover that they are in car which is perched precariously on a tree growing out of the cliff face. Below, is a fall of several hundred feet… [Help is slow to come, as no one has noticed the accident, and the three are forced to survive for a number of days, in precarious balance and with what little there is in the car. Once the group is seen,] the television people are out in force, filming the rescue with the artificial hyped-up enthusiasm of a live game show. Meanwhile, the jealous husband of the woman in the stranded car does everything he can to thwart the rescue attempt, whilst the police stand about convinced that there is nothing that can be done…
— James Travers, Films de France

1.39GB | 1 h 27 min | 921×576 | mkv

Subtitles:English, Polish

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